Chemicals only service

We check and balance your chemicals and make sure that your pool is running correctly so that you can enjoy swimming.  This service starts at $59.50 plus tax per month.

Chemicals Plus Filter Clean

Weekly chemical service plus twice yearly filter cleans.  This service is $79.50 plus tax per month and includes filter cleans.

Full Service

This service includes weekly chemical service plus weekly pool cleanings.  It starts at $179.50 plus tax per month.

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Our pool chemical services are year round service to keep your pool looking good all year.  We keep costs low so that you do not have to worry about balancing your own chemicals.  We can help you so you can just swim and enjoy your pool.

Customize for Your Needs

We offer chemicals only through a full service for your pool.  We can look at your pool and see what would work best for your situation.

Next Steps...

Call or text John Rudebeck at 214-695-4169 and he can customize a plan for your pool